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  1. Working With a New Client Can Be Fun

    Date 22 Aug 2018
    Working with a new client can be fun   A couple of months ago I received an email from a creative account director from another part of the state looking for someone to photograph the workings of a company that grows and harvest watermelons for sale in retail stores. Sounded like…

  2. Fuji X-T2

    Date 25 Apr 2018
    Fujifilm X-T2 Holy Schnikes - Whole New System This will be a short blog post. Man!!! This camera system is the best. I have three photography friends who have had the Fuji X System for a while and when we’d meet up for a beer I take a look at the camera…

  3. Don’t Get Hung Up…..

    Date 02 Jan 2018
    Nikon or Canon - Mac or Windows - IT DOESN’T MATTER  Believe me, it’s waste of time. First and foremost - If you are relying on some sort of miracle because you know are using a certain product - camera, computer, flash, etc - you are fooling yourself. Does it…

  4. Shooting on Location

    Date 22 Feb 2017
    Shooting Product Photography on Location Why would anyone want to shoot on location if they can shoot in their studio? Good question. Sometimes you just have to do it. If you’re shooting some sort of product that a client manufactures and it’s not too heavy or too big to transport,…

  5. Putting Together a Photo Project

    Date 16 Jan 2017
    A Big Photo Documentary from a Small Idea I live in St. Joseph, MI, a small town that has another small town right next door, Benton Harbor. One evening there was an event that took the life of a young man and then all hell broke loose. Houses and buildings…

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