Don’t Get Hung Up…..

Nikon or Canon - Mac or Windows - IT DOESN’T MATTER

 Believe me, it’s waste of time. First and foremost - If you are relying on some sort of miracle because you know are using a certain product - camera, computer, flash, etc - you are fooling yourself. Does it matter? YES - but only to a point. I’ll say it one hundred times and then again - the reason you’re creating good images is not because of the equipment you’re using but because you are using your talent to be a good photographer, story teller. Do you want good equipment, yes - the best you can afford. Lenses being probably the most important. There’s an old saying get the best glass (lens) you can afford. That still holds true today. When we were shooting film, your camera and lenses stayed the same over many years, only film would change and get better or updated. Today, it’s different. DSLR cameras, the body, will change and be updated year after year. But, lenses pretty much stay the same. Buy a new body every 3 to 7 years, depending on your budget but keep your lenses. You may want to upgrade every once and a while but you’ll find that your camera body will go out of ????? but your lenses will not. Cameras are like film back in the day. Technically they go out of date, bodies get updated, but lenses stay the same and there’s a good reason - they don’t need updating, they just don’t.

 Computer are like pizza - what kind do you like. Years ago, Apple made computers with the creatives in mind. Most of my contemporaries use Apple/Mac computers. But, today if you are just starting out either the Mac or PC will work just fine. Again, it’s the person using the software that matters. The human element is the key to all of this. You are the creative one - believe in that and you’ll do just fine. If you think some equipment is going to make you the best photographer in the world, well you believe in marketing too much. You’re bombarded with adds and articles telling you that you need this camera or that lens - this tripod or that software. Yikes!!! If you are chasing the “Best Product” you can get you’ll never be any good as a photographer. 

 My son, who has his degree in film and is a fantastic photographer, told me a story once where he was shooting with some other photographers and he asked one of them, “How fast is your lens?” Thinking he’d like to borrow it for a shoot he was going to do. The fellow photographer said, “What do you mean, how fast?” When I heard that story I knew what he was talking about when he said - “They pick up a camera and they are now photographers.” I’m changing the direction of the blog a little - but stay with me and you’ll see where I’m going. How can you be good at anything if you are just doing what the equipment companies are telling you - Buy this and you’ll be a great photographer. Learn your craft - take a class and find out how these camera works. Don’t try and do what everyone else is doing. Be yourself. 

 How can I be myself? Good question. My problem with photography today is that the camera manufacturers have done a great job in selling photo equipment to the masses. Even the iPhone or other smart phone camera has made it very easy to be a photographer. No, not really. They’ve made it easy to take a photo. 

 Take classes in person or online, but try to learn what makes a good photograph. There are reasons that some photographers excel in the medium of photography - they have a great eye but they also worked at learning what makes a great photograph. This statement by painter Rebecca Louise Law pretty much sums it up no matter what medium you’re working in. You’re a creative person working at being an artist… “Patience, courage, humility and hard work. I have found that focusing ahead is much more beneficial to my art practice than looking at the present. Living in the moment can be distracting and often hinder the creative process. The best work always comes from being challenged, whether in time, finances, materials or concept. It’s better to take risks than play safe.” - Rebecca Louise Law

The images below are just random photo that I saw then made. Balance - Light - Cropping - Etc are all part of your photograph. Make images and have fun.

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