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  1. Putting Together a Photo Project

    Date 16 Jan 2017
    A Big Photo Documentary from a Small Idea I live in St. Joseph, MI, a small town that has another small town right next door, Benton Harbor. One evening there was an event that took the life of a young man and then all hell broke loose. Houses and buildings…

  2. How to “Listen” to your clients

    Date 15 Nov 2016
    When I started out shooting photos for anyone willing to pay me, it was a huge learning lesson. After working for Merchants Publishing Co. in Kalamazoo, MI for 4 years, I decided to start my own studio. It sounded like a good idea, but I certainly didn’t know what it…

  3. Part 3 - WMU, Kalamazoo - Good Times

    Date 10 Nov 2016
    Part 3 - The end of my education into photography begins at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI. Getting out of the army in August and with classes starting up in September, I quickly enrolled at WMU and set-up some classes for what I thought would be my direction -…

  4. Part 2 - My US Army Days

    Date 30 Oct 2016
     Part 2 of my US Army days as a photographer.  With a little more than a year and a half at Ft Ritchie before getting out I had a lot of time to explore the surrounding area and shoot photos. One day I stumbled across a small river and an area…

  5. Part 1 - My Journey Begins

    Date 19 Oct 2016
    I started shooting when I was 17, fresh out of high school. I didn’t know much but I figured I’d learn as I went along. Well, I did but it sure took a long time. I’d take a good photo now and then, but I learned more from what I…

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