Working With a New Client Can Be Fun

Working with a new client can be fun 

 A couple of months ago I received an email from a creative account director from another part of the state looking for someone to photograph the workings of a company that grows and harvest watermelons for sale in retail stores. Sounded like an interesting project and so we communicated on what he was looking for and then pricing for such a project.

We met early at the field and we introduced ourselves. Dan was so relaxed and yet knew exactly what he wanted photographed. We headed out to the field where about 8 young men were grading the watermelon by taping on the outer part and listened for a certain sound that told them the melon was ready to harvest. As they were going down a patch in the field I would photograph them doing their job - with the sun - into the sun - high angle - low angle - close ups - and farther away to show them working as a team. Dan would make a suggestion every once and a while but mostly was happy with what I was doing.

On a break waiting for the trucks to come by for another group of young men to load them, Dan and I would talk about the project and other things. He mentioned again that he liked my work and that’s why he had contacted me. He saw something in my images on my website that he felt would work great for what he needed.

When the trucks came down the rows and the melons were being loaded Dan suggested a few ideas and angles and then I would work with those ideas and expand on them. I then said I wanted to get inside the large trucks to get a different perspective and he said great, go for it.

Getting photographs from all the angles you can tells a more complete story and that’s what he was after. A story on how this all comes together. A week later I shot in the processing plant where the watermelons are unloaded, cleaned up, and sorted by size for the different bins that they get loaded into.

The main thing is to listen to who is hiring you as they know what they need visually. This is your job - to produce images that tell a story - be it one image or several. If you’re not sure while your shooting - ask them. Find out if things are going well. Dan is a seasoned professional who knows what he wants but let me do my thing because he felt I was getting the shots he needed.

After the whole project was completed and images were delivered I received an email from Dan… “Thanks David. Absolute pleasure working with you on this.”

You can’t ask for a better shooting assignment than that. 

All images were shot with the Fujifilm X-T2 with 14mm f2.8, 23mm f2, 18-55 f2.8-4 lenses

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